January 30th, 2004


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Congratulations, you are joining the very long line
of those seeking affection of Maedhros the
Tall. As his name signifies, he IS tall and
beautiful in stature, and has copper-red hair,
which looks gorgeous with grey eyes. On less
rosy note, he had lost his right hand.
(Sigh...) He is stalwart, enduring, and a
loyal friend. However, he WILL sacrifice you
in order to achieve his goal if there is no
other way.

Which Son of Feanor should you fancy?
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Тест... забавный. нет, не то. как перевести на русский исландское слово gaman? Любопытный? Конечно, все слишком субъективно: одного и того же персонажа один представляет так, другой иначе, третий совсем по своему и иногда очень трудно отделить это самое свое понимание от того, каким он был в книге (а если для кого источник - не Книга, а дописывания и переделки... видела теста три по принцам Эмбера, так в одном сказано, что hann BrandR шизофреник, в другом - НЕ шизофреник, а в третьем - нечто третье:)

еще пара любопытных тестов

You are an Elf, the Firstborn of the Children of
Iluvatar. Fair and wise, you occasionally fall
into pride. Don't make oaths you cannot
fulfill, as it may be your doom.

What race were you in the Silmarillion?
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Maia of Manwe
You are a Maia of Manwe Sulimo, Lord of the Breath
of Arda

Whose Maia are you?
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You are a Noldor
You are a Noldo. Anything that ends with craft you
are likely to be good at. You are dear to the
Vala Aule and of all the elven races seem to
get along the best with dwarves, who are Aules
children. Your biggest flaw is that you can get
too attached to the works of your own hands and
have a been accused of having the
characteristics of people who known they are
very skilled and take great pains to let
everybody around them know how good they are.
Moreover, thou you and all your kin journeyed
to Aman after the summons of the Valar, you are
also the only race of elf who rebelled against
them and returned to Middle-earth. Your royal
family was all but decimated through infighting
and your race is the only elven race to harbour
kin slayers. All in all your peoples history is
that of a race that climbed too high too fast
and forgot how they got there or where they
came from and falling from a high place hurts
and the climb back up is often slow and wrought
with pain. Fortunately you and your race as a
whole is wiser for the experience and hopefully
will not be doing anything foolish in the
future, artistic mood swings aside.

(Image: Feanor by Kasura, the very embodiment of
all that it means to be a Noldo, Kasura's
website is at http://kasura.100megsfree5.com/)

Which kindred of Tolkien's Elves are you?
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